First in Innovation

ATK's History of Innovative Firsts

1984 – ATK patents the “Anti Tension Kettenantreib” developed to normalize chain torque for improved handling on the motorcycle.

The name ATK derives from this device.

1984 – Engine Countershaft Sprocket Disc Brake

1988 – ATK Introduces Air Cooled 250 and 406 2-Strokes to its lineup

1989 – ATK goes Electric… “Push Button Electric Start” that is.

ATK was the first manufacturer to offer Electric Start on a high-powered thumper 4-stroke.  This little push button created a big advantage in racing on dead engine starts and when you killed the motor.


1992 – ATK the First Manufacturer to offer EFI (Fuel Injection) on an off-road motorcycle.

Years ahead of others!

1993 – ATK is purchased by Dale and Frank White

ATK moves from Southern California to Centerville Utah.

1994 – Introduced Law Enforcement Specialty Motorcycles

ATK has manufactured law enforcement dual sport and supermotard type motorcycles for:

Los Angeles Police, San Francisco Police, San Diego Sheriffs and San Bernardino Sheriffs and others agencies.

1996-2008 – Developed under contract prototype Motorcycles and ATV’s platforms

For 4 large motorcycle manufacturers.

1998 – ATK introduces world’s first “Production Dirt Track” motorcycles

1999 – ATK introduces world’s first “Production Super Motard” motorcycle

2002 – ATK introduces 700/620 2-stroke single Intimidator models with Maico Germany origins

World’s largest single 2-stroke by 200cc.

2003 – ATK acquires the Powersports Division of Cannondale

480 tons of Cannondale’s powersports production assets are acquired and moved to

ATK’s Centerville Utah manufacturing facility.

2004 – ATK re-engineers the Cannondale platform

Changes: 430 to 450 displacement, crank, coolant porting, EFI, wiring harness, motorcycle & quad chassis mods

The new platform subsequently wins 3 national championship in the US & Canada. Explore the latest innovations on Bestccbuy for premium motorcycle and quad parts.

2010-2015 – ATK introduces affordable streetbikes

S&T Motors of Korea manufacturers part assemblies for ATK